Fines Finder

I made Fines Finder to make it easier for professionals in the community legal sector to manage their client's fines.  The problem was that information on each fine was on a separate page meaning you would have to click, copy and paste many times to get all the details needed into one place. Fines Finder collects all this data and presents it in one table. Fines Finder was built with a .Net Core backend, Vue front end and is hosted on Digital Ocean.

Check it out at (sorry, it's not very interesting unless you have an outstanding fine in Victoria, Australia).

15% Drop

15% drop is a free, open source mobile app to help you calculate the idea tyre pressure for your road bike tyres.

You can read more about it and find all the links at

GeoHash Cross

GeoHash Cross is a work in progress app that is getting close to release. It will initially be available in the App Store and Google Play Store. I plan to make it available on as many platforms as I can because Xamarin Forms is everywhere these days.

More details about the project including open source code will be available shortly.